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Overnight in the desert

September 16, 2016
Skydive Dubai
May 8, 2014
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November 9, 2017

The adventure of a lifetime - camping in the desert

This tour starts the same way as nature trail with the difference that you will stay over night. (more information here: Nature trail

Sitting in front of the bonfire watching the stars will be a memory you will never forget. In our stressful city lives, enjoying the silence of the desert is the best remedy.

Sand, sand and more sand.

„The fact that I did not have a connection on my phone added to the experience.”

In today's world we are constantly connected and it can be difficult to completely relax. In the desert, you have no option but to be mindful. Gazing into the bonfire evokes emotions from ancient instincts.

This tour is simple and that is the beauty. You are alone in nature. We do this as a private tour so it will just be you and your friends. No entertainment except stars, bonfire and the stories between your friends.


"I had been on a few other desert safaris in Dubai but this one was totally different, the fact that we finished in nature and not in a big camp with entertainment was perfect for us"

This tour is for you that are adventures and love being in nature. If you need to go to the toilet you have to do it in nature.

There is something magic with looking into a bonfire.

Perfect way to bond with your friends and loved once.


This is what is included:
- 4×4 Transportation (private)
- Arabic coffee and Dates
- BBQ Dinner
- Exclusive setup with Carpet, Cushion, Low table in the middle of the desert
- Campfire
- Shisha
- Sand boards
- Soft drinks and water
- Camping gear
- Breakfast

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