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A unique team building in the desert

Nature trail
April 30, 2014
Team building in the desert
May 4, 2014

TUGS Dubai is a unique workshop done in the middle of the desert. Bring your team out in the desert and work on setting truly inspiring goals that will pull all of you forward to a better future!

Putting a clear, good vision together requires much reflection. To reflect in a conference room leads to a tedious goal! We have therefore moved out of our conference room to the desert in Dubai! Together as a team, you will brainstorm your future, obstacles to get there and the action plan to overcome them. Doing this in nature changes everything.

The relaxed environment helps in generating better ideas.

„A perfect combination between teambuilding and business focus. ”

What will AI, robots, virtual reality, autonomous cars, internet of things, 3d printers etc mean for your industry? What can you do to stay ahead of the competition? In TUGS your team get the chance to look ahead. What will happen in your industry in the next 3-5 years? The group will together brainstorm what disruptive technologies will mean for you.

The brainstorming is done with the help of nature. We move the conference room out to the desert outside Dubai. We get inspired and creative with the help of nature. Great ideas tend not to come while sitting in front of a computer in the office.


“Brainstorming session in Dubai desert, a perfect training for our team. I recommend and encourage everyone to take part of this wonderful experience. Mowaffaq Balish, Commercial Director, Middle East, Caparol.

Since 2014, Oskar Andermo has taken out groups in the desert for the TUGS workshop. Nature becomes a tool to help inspire and stimulate creativity.

Mindfulness meditation at sunset.

Bond with the team in front of the bonfire.


This is a unique experience. Your team will improve team spirit and have a clear roadmap for the future.

The best ideas come from the people in your organisation, not always top management. Here you have a chance to get input from everyone. What can we improve on? What are the challenges we are facing? What can we do about our challenges? What are alternative ways to our goals? These are all topics that will be brainstormed in a unique environment.
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