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Team building in the desert

A unique team building in the desert
May 4, 2014
Dubai skyline by plane
May 7, 2014

The desert is a great place to do unique team buildings!.

Together with our partner we offer a range of different team building in the desert.

How does an oil hunt sound? Or maybe a Bedioun treasure hunt? These team buildings are done to strengthen the bonds in the team, have fun and learn.

treasure hunt team building in the desert

Oil hunt

Fill up the Oil Drum!
Economical crisis is eating up the World…. Iraq war is going to last a decade. Ships are hijacked from Somalia waters … all for what is OIL…., the black melted gold!!
You are now part of a Mission to discover and pitch a new well in the middle of desert, realizing your dreams to mint money!! All our guests will participate in that exceptional operation. We are prospecting today a new territory
"Many thanks for the Team Building event. The facilitators were very professional & experienced & the event itself went very smoothly."

Our partner is a Dubai based company, specialized in team-building programs, adventure packages for schools and unique outdoor activity tours for exploratory individuals.

Above are just a few example of teambuilding they can provide. Contact us for more information.

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